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Pit Stop Diesel Services



Why Us? Why should we be the shop that does your custom build or engine overhaul? A simple but overlooked answer. We are your OE provider with a Fleet mentality. We know how to efficiently and affectively repair your truck back to OE specifications at a fraction of the cost. This is what sets us apart from the other Independent shops. We have the knowledge, the tools, and the literature, all OE factory and equivalent to perform your engine overhaul to like new or better. Do the other independent shops check counter boring? Ask them before you go there! We have many customers who bring us their truck who just had an overhaul and we have to do it again because it wasn’t checked properly. Do they plastigauge the rod and main bearing caps to make sure standards bearings are going to work correctly? These are all important steps in a rebuild for the long haul, we don’t just want the engine to make to the 1 year warranty marker, we want it to last the remaining life cycle of that truck!!! Details, any shop can put in new liners and pistons, slap a new cylinder head on and call it an overhaul. We are more than that, we are professionals here. You pay top dollars for an overhaul, get top notch work!

Factory rebuilt overhauls bore you? No problem, as an Authorized dealer of PDI products, we can build the biggest, baddest 10 wheeler this side of Texas. We’ve built units in the 4 digit HP category!!!!!!! Dyno tested and still rolling strong, 1400 HP 2800 ft lbs. of torque 3406E, similar builds on Cummins as well. Whether you just want an upgraded turbo or the whole shebang, we are your go to!

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